Continuing Education and Training Resources

The purpose of this section of the web site is to highlight specific continuing education and training resources of particular value to Certified Public Managers.  Some of the resources here may be duplicated in our overall Information Resources for Public Managers’ listings, but we believe such duplication is merited by the special value these resources provide.

The Resource Discovery Network  is an extensive research and training web site that has useful materials and tutorials for CPMs on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Social Sciences, Business and Law (see this section for Government related information) (SOSIG)
  • Engineering, Mathematics and Computing (includes section on city planning)
  • Humanities
  • Geography and Environment
  • Physical Sciences
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Arts and Creative Industries

The RDN site allows you to do research, take training, and pursue studies in a wide variety of ways.  It even has training on how to use the Internet for research and education.  The site is based in the UK but it has extensive links back to US resources.  Moreover, the information on many subjects benefits from the slightly different perspective obtained by taking a look at the issues from a slightly “foreign” viewpoint.  Finally, the Internet for Social Sciences, Business, and Law section is a potential goldmine for public managers.

Better provides articles, webcasts, and conferences addressing Government Management, General Management, Leadership, Performance Management, Financial Management, IT Management, and other critical issues facing Certified Public Managers.   In additional to free training materials in various forms, the site has a library of articles, white papers, and case studies for confident leadership and decision making.

The eGOVentrepreneur’s Toolkit from the State of Virginia contains decision support tools to help managers and employees achieve continuous improvement and increased productivity, as a successful organization works to find ways to innovate, increase efficiency and to improve performance for its customers. The decision support tools will help to measure the output of government in terms of quality, quantity and cost in comparison with other organizations and internal government competition.

Robert D. Behn’s writings covers a wide range of topics relevant to day-to-day leadership and management.  Professor Behn’s Public Management Report is useful reading for any public manager, but is particularly appropriate for CPMs wishing to continue the learning they began as they obtained their certifications.