A key mission for the CPM Society in general, and this web site in particular, is to assist public managers in their constant effort to update their knowledge, skills, and abilities and apply state-of-the-art management practices to public service.   Much as we would like to, we cannot fulfill those objectives by depending on collecting all the necessary data and tools on a single web site.  Thus, our Public Manager’s library is designed to house that which we can and are uniquely suited to internally, and assist public servants in identifying and finding other sources of information.  Most importantly, we ask you to help us make this YOUR resource; we invite you to submit articles, RFPs, whitepapers, briefing papers, strategic plans, and even your own unique, custom developed tools to be posted and shared with your colleagues. Have you created a better lease versus buy versus build spreadsheet model?  Submit it here to share it with your colleagues.  Be published and recognized by your peers.

Some of our current library resources include:

Leadership is one of the cornerstones of the Certified Public Management Program.  It is not our intention here to engage in the leadership versus management debate.  Towards that end, this section of the web site is devoted to providing various resources on leadership.

Links to other sites:  We have an extensive and growing collection of links to other sites and resources on the web.  These links include other CPM Society web sites and CPM Program sites, some of which have excellent resource materials, and links to a wide variety of sites with information and resources related to leadership and management in public organizations.

Civic Strategies:  is a strategic planning and consulting firm that focuses its services on public policy solutions for cities and regions.  As the Civic Strategies web site says, they “do this by helping our clients make the right decisions in the right ways.”  The Society’s aim is to do much the same for CPMs.  The Civic Strategies’ web site maintains a good collection of materials that are clearly educational for state and local government leaders and managers.  Through an agreement with Civic Strategies, we have placed some of their materials on the CPM site, and we provide additional links to materials on the Civic Strategies site.

Leadership papers by Matt Fairholm.   While best known to most Washington area CPMs as the former Academic Director of the Center for Excellence in Municipal Management, Matt Fairholm is now an Assistant Professor at the W.O. Farber Center for Civic Leadership at The University of South Dakota, with a joint appointment to the Department of Political Science. Matt’s leadership papers cover a wide range of issues on the subject from an overview of James MacGregor Burns essential book on leadership to Matt’s own conceptual framework of leadership and management which he calls the Four V’s of Leadership: Values, Vision, Vector, and Voice.

Infinite Futures describes itself as a web site focused on futures research, change management, long range and strategic planning, learning organizations, and other elements of leading and managing organizations.  It has some excellent articles, tools, and other resources related to the issues above, and very much relevant to the leadership and management of organizations in the present.

Leadership an Overview:  This is a detailed presentation on the theories and literature of leadership, by Dr. Wendy Schultz of Infinite Futures.  The presentation can be viewed in an online slide show format that will open in a new window, or as an Acrobat PDF file that can be viewed online or downloaded.  Please note that the slide show includes additional presentation notes which are not displayed as part of the PDF file.

Best Practices:  The concept of use of Best Practices is a fundamental one in good public management and leadership.  Our best practices page provides a variety of resources and additional links on the subject to help public managers find better methodologies for use in their own daily work.

CPM Project Papers:  As part of the Certified Public Manager’s program curriculum, all CPMs must complete an approved project and related paper.  This section lists some of those projects and papers.  In some case we have provided summary documents contained abstracts of the project papers, while in other instances the actual papers are provided.

Historical Documents:  Any discussion of government leadership and management, sooner or later, makes reference to various historical documents.

The Public Management Report, by Harvard Professor Robert D. Behn.  An occasional series examining  the issues, dilemmas, challenges and opportunities in leadership, governance, management, and performance in public agencies.