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The Public Manager

The Public Manager is a quarterly journal devoted to furthering knowledge and best practices at all levels of government.  As does the CPM Society, The Public Manager focuses its efforts on practicing public managers, which is one of the reasons the journal is being provided as a benefit of membership in the CPM Society.  The Public Manager is the only journal of its kind – the only public management journal providing an opportunity for public managers and executives to write and share ideas about critical public management issues.   It is dedicated to encouraging professionalism and high performance at all levels of government.  The Public Manager has a global audience which includes practitioners in federal, regional, state, local, and international government organizations, nonprofit organizations, as well as consultants, students, and scholars interested in public management.  The Public Manager’s web site is also a useful resource for government managers at all levels, providing materials from the journal and an excellent collection of links to other materials and web sites.

As The Public Manager’s editor wrote at the journal’s creation in 1972, when it was called The Bureaucrat:

“public administrators are a significant group in our society and their understanding and active involvement in public policy issues we believe, is an important aspect of responsive and responsible government.   The Bureaucrat provides the forum for our profession to confront these issues. … The Bureaucrat will assist the decision-making process by raising public policy questions, analyzing the implications, and suggesting possible alternative solutions for considerations.”

Much the same can be said about the Society of Certified Public Managers.  The Society’s mission is to bring together dedicated public managers seeking to further their education and enhance their abilities to serve the pubic by learning from and working with each other.

Free Subscriptions and Discounts

In light of our common goals, the Society is pleased to be able to offer Society members a free subscription to the electronic edition of The Public Manager, as well as providing a substantial discount for members wishing to subscriibe to or renew their subscriptions to the print edition of the journal.

The discount program represents an ongoing partnership with the Public Manager to help provide this valuable resource to CPM Society members.  For several years Society membership has entitled individuals to a discounted subscription rate (available in print or electronic format).  And now, as of 1 July 2006, members joining or renewing their Society membership will receive a free one year subscription to the electronic edition of Public Manager.