Mission and Values

Mission and Values

The DC Society of Certified Public Managers’ principal mission is to improve public service at the state and local government level in the Washington, DC metropolitan area by bringing together and improving the public managers and leaders providing those services.

The Society pursues its mission by encouraging and providing continuing education opportunities for public leaders and managers, facilitating networking and collaboration among area public managers and leaders, and seeking to foster a culture of cooperation and joint problem solving among its members and other public service professionals.

Our members share among themselves and encourage among others in the public leadership and management profession a common set of goals and values to:

  • Demonstrate leadership and vision as public managers;
  • Promote management in government as a profession;
  • Serve and uphold the public trust;
  • Produce and provide public services consistent with high quality management practices;
  • Encourage fellowship and cooperation in public service; and
  • Pursue and provide opportunities for professional growth and development for all public employees.

The Society of Certified Public Managers is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to serving the public by assisting the public managers who are its members.  The Society has been founded and is managed entirely by the volunteer efforts of its members.   While the Society is in the process of applying for official 501(c)(3) certification as a charitable organization from the US Internal Revenue Service, that process has not yet been completed.  For further information on our organizational status please feel free to contact the Society’s President, or contact the Webmaster.