Membership is the core of the DC Society of Certified Public Managers. The Society’s members determine its activities, policies, and leadership.  While the Society is an organization dedicated to serving its members through its educational and other programming activities, it is the members and their elected officers that determine the specific nature and course of those activities throughout each year.  Over 20 classes of CPMs have graduated in the Washington region in recent years, enabling the Society to draw on a potential membership base of over 700 public managers.

Society members benefit from the program activities of the organization, through the opportunities to work with and meet their regional CPM colleagues, and through some specific direct benefits such as the Society’s partnerships with other public service oriented organizations such as The Public Manager and Governing magazines.  Local Society membership also enrolls individuals in the national CPM organization, the American Academy of Certified Public Managers.

Any Certified Public Manager may join the Society.  In fact, any public manager may join the Society.  The Society’s membership categories are as follows:

  • Regular Members: Any person having a valid educational certification as a public manager, issued by any program accredited by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium shall have all privileges of active membership;
  • Associate Members: Any person currently enrolled in any accredited Certified Public Manager program, shall have all the privileges of active membership, except holding executive office; and
  • Affiliate Members: Any faculty member or administrator in Public Management or related fields, shall have all the privileges of active membership, except holding executive office.

In additional to its programming, the Society provides a range of membership benefits, including subscriptions and discount programs.  Membership in the Society is obtained by completing and returning the Society’s membership application.

Should you have any questions about joining the Society, please feel free to contact any of the Society’s current officers (see current officers listed in the left column of this page).

For more information regarding membership and the Society on the web site, see the following: