Mayoral Candidates Commit to CPM Program

Speaking at the Annual Meeting of the DC Society of Certified Public Managers on 22 May 2006, four of the candidates seeking to become the next Mayor of the Nation’s Capitol spoke at length to nearly 50 CPMs. Each of the candidates expressed a commitment to maintain the CPM training program. The Mayoral candidates, Michael Brown, Marie Johns, Linda Cropp and Vincent Orange each spoke as part of a panel presentation at the Society’s meeting, preceding the election of new Society Officers.

The CPM Society’s meeting, held at Flashpoint, a downtown gallery and arts incubator, was well attended and moderated by CPM graduate Cyril Crocker. At the forum, the Mayoral candidates were asked to respond to a range of questions related to the Certified Public Managers’ Program including their knowledge of the program, philosophies on the role of middle managers in local government, and their previous experience with training programs.

Each of the four the candidates supported the need for professional development and the role the CPM program plays.

    • Candidate Marie Johns stressed her support for the CPM program in its early stages while she was with Verizon.


    • Candidate Cropp spoke of her familiarity with the program, mentioning that her husband, Dwight Cropp, is an instructor in the CPM program. She believes it will help grow leaders and help build government from the inside out, a philosophy she is committed to following.


    • Candidate Orange cited an individual on his Council staff who is a CPM graduate (Linda Perkins) and his support of funding once again for the program in the FY-2007.


  • Candidate Michael Brown, although the least familiar with the program, appreciated its emphasis on quality and effectiveness, and discussed the value he, too, places on such attributes.